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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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discret - "Art goes Deco"
March 12   tz - Feuilleton - "Take off - Arrive"
March 25   Münchner Stadtanzeiger (SZ) - "Yearnings, Neon Colored"
March/April   Bayerische Luftsport-Nachrichten - "Flying - Yesterday And Today"
March   Bayerische Luftsport-Nachrichten - "FAI-Conference - Aviation And School In Munich"
June 30   SZ - For "Children In War" - Chris Bleicher sponsored artwork
July 2   tz "Soldiers Collect For Bosnia"
July 3/4   SZ - Feuilleton - "Art for UNICEF"
Aug. 19   Kreisbote - Front page - "The Chicken In The Cockpit"
Aug. 24   SZ - "The Chicken In The Cockpit"

Sept. 11/12

  SZ - "A Loud Media Spectacle"
Sept. 11/12   Freisinger Tagblatt - "Chicken Hypnosis" And Surprise Eggs - performance in the Penta Hotel
Sept.   in münchen
Sept.   Prinz
Sept.   Feine Adressen München - "The Chicken In The Cockpit"
Sept.   Journal München - "The Chicken In The Cockpit"
Sept.   Style - The Chicken In The Cockpit
Sept./Oct.   Bayerische Luftsport-Nachrichten - "The Good Wins" - fund-raising for UNICEF
Oct.   Münchner Stadtmagazin - "The Chicken In The Cockpit" - Neon Pictures From Chris Bleicher"
Oct.   Feine Adressen München
Oct.   München Mosaik
Dec. 27   Münchner Merkur - "Art Made From Metal Of Airplanes"

Dec. 27

  tz "Airplanes Out Of The Belly..."
Dec. 31   Münchner Merkur - "Names"
Dec. 29   tz - "A Party For UNICEF"
Dec.   Journal München - "Weekend Tipps"
Dec.   Junge Kunst - "Picnic By The Alpspitze"