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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Jan. 7
Schwabmünchner Allgemeine - "Exposures should Advertise for Preservation of Nature"
Jan. 8   AK-Woche - "Exposures Should Advertise for Preservation of Nature
Jan.   GALA - about Urn Art
Febr.   Kunst aktuell - "Chris Bleicher"
March   JOY - "Comical Animalic"


  Mein Hund - about Urn Art
April 22   Automobilrevue - "Jaguar Painting"
April   Münchner Stadtmagazin - "Actual" - about Urn Art
April   Kunst-ABC - "Studio Atmosphere"
April   Unser Hund - about Urn Art
May 8   Krafthand-Werkstatt Special - about "Hot Cars & Colors"
May 12   Auto Strassenverkehr - "Small Spots and the Jaguar"
May 15   mot Autos Test Technik - "Shade to Shade Art: Body Painting in Munich"
May 26   Münchner Wochenblatt - "Dancer Transformes to Animal"
May   disco magazin "Vivacious Big Cat on New Jaguar"
May   fml - "Hot Cars and Colors"
June 12/13   Münchner Merkur, Munich scene - "Body Painting in Pasing"
June 14   tz - "Varnishing and Skin"
June 16   AZ - "Two-legged Jaguar at Hot Cars & Colors"
June   Automagazin - "Hot Cars & Colors"
June   München im Juli - "Hot Cars & Colors"





Kunst aktuell - Announcement of Exhibition
June   Münchner Stadtmagazin - Announcement of Exhibition
June   Münchner Wochenblatt - "Waiting for a New Love"
June   Münchner Zentrum - Frontpage: "The Saturday of the Jaguars"
June   Schwabinger Seiten - Frontpage: "The Saturday of the Jaguars"
June   Münchner Wochenblatt -Announcement of Exhibition
June   Sendlinger Anzeiger - "The Day of the Jaguars"
June   Penthouse - "Woman and Jaguars"
June   Sport & Tuning Markt - "Date Announcement"
June   fml - Frontpage: "Hot Cars & Colors"
June/July   Boarding Magazine of British Airways, People - "Light of Recognition"
Autumn   Journal München - "On the Ball"
Aug. 18   SZ STA - "On Order"
Aug.   KulturLand - "On Order"
Aug. 23   Starnberger Merkur - about participation of group show
Aug. 24   SZ STA - about participation of group show
Aug.   KulturLand - about participation of group show
Aug. 30   Münchner Merkur - about Chris Bleicher's "Cat in the Sack"
Aug. 30   Starnberger Merkur - about "Chris Bleicher Shows Neon Picture Objects"
Sept. 4/5   Sueddeutsche Zeitung STA - Feuilleton: "Chris Bleicher Shows Neon Picture Objects"
Sept. 8   Starnberger Anzeiger - "Art For Future"


Sept. 15
Kreisbote Starnberg, Frontpage: "Waiting For A New Love"
Sept.   Münchner Wochenblatt
Sept.   Gastronomie-Report - Announcement of project RAY OF HOPE
Oct. 16   Allg. Hotel- u. Gaststätten-Zeitung - about light party
Oct. 20   Westendanzeiger - "Light Party Vernissage At Lake Westpark"
Oct. 21   Sendlinger Anzeiger - "Light Party: Vernissage With Performance"
Oct. 21   SZ Extra - Announcement of RAY OF HOPE Party
Oct. 27   AZ - "A Lightbomb As Pyrotechnical Highlight"
Oct. 27   SZ - Announcement of Light-Water-Performance
Oct. 27   Schwabinger Seiten - about Urn Art
Oct.   Munich Found - "Sun Venus By Chris Bleicher"
Oct.   Sendlinger Anzeiger - "Chris Bleicher Presents RAY OF HOPE: Light Party Vernissage With Performance"
Oct.   Applaus - Announcement
Oct.   Allg. Hotel- u. Gaststätten-Zeitung - Announcement
Nov.   Penthouse - "Solar Erotic: Sexy Sun Venus"
Nov. 2   Hoernlein Kurier - about Urn Art
Nov. 4   Bild - about Urn Art
Nov. 8   SZ- about "Urn Art"
Nov. 19   AZ - about Urn Art
Nov./Dec.   in münchen - "Open Studio By Chris Bleicher"
Dec.   Münchner Stadtmagazin - "Art To The Millennium"