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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Article Index

JOY - "Ray of Hope"
1. quarter   s.e.p.p. - "Light Party"
Febr. 10   Hallo - Ramersdof - about exhibition in gallery Art'nreichtum
Febr. 26   The Sound Shore Revue
March   LICHT (=Light) Planing, Design, Technology, Commerce -"Neon Art by Chris Bleicher"
April   Mein Hund - about Urn Art
April   Wohn!Design - about Urn Art
April   Info-flyer of the City of Koenigsbrunn, Germany
June 17/18   Schwabmünchner Allgemeine - "Munich Artist Presents Livecam Project"
June 17/18   Augsburger Allgemeine - "Munich Artist Presents Livecam Prject"
June 28  

Wochenzeitung extra - together with Augsburger Allgemeine: Frontpage

28th week   Königsbrunner Kurier - "Cultural Department: World Premiere With Virtual Art"
July 5   Königsbrunner Zeitung - "Internet Art Action Big Brother In The Studio"
July 7   Schwabmünchner Allgemeine - "Art Action On The Internet"
Sept.   Katzenzeit (1st issue) - "Love In A Roundabout Way" (story for readers + shopping guide)



Sept. 5
Bayerische Rundschau - "At The Footprint Of The Colossus Of Rhodos"
Sept. 7  

Frankenpost - "Colossus In Motion At The Conference of Technology Reveals: Art As Symbol For Mobility"


Sept. 9!10   Bayerische Rundschau - "Wanted: The Miracles of the World of Tomorrow"
Sept. 16/17   Bayerische Rundschau - "Highly Brisant Themes of Future"
Oct. 5   Bayerische Rundschau - "Binary Education - The Door to Live"
Oct. 5   Augsburger Allgemeine - "One Miracle of the World and the Technology"
Oct. 5   Wertinger Zeitung - "One Miracle of the World and the Technology"
Oct.   Hundezeit (1st issue) - "Stylish Farewell" - about Urn Art
Oct.   Preussische Nachrichten von Staats- und Gelehrten-Sachen - "Miracles of the World of Technology"
Nov.   Extrablatt - about the project "Ray of Hope"
Sept./Oct./Nov.   S.E.P.P. - "Art on the Web"
Nov.   Infoscreen - about Chris Bleicher's "South Seas Ice Princess"
Nov. 22   SZ extra - Announcing of "South Seas Ice Princess"
Dec. 14   Münchner Merkur - "Big Brother Party In The Artist's Studio"
Dec. 27  

Münchner Wochenblatt - "Instead Of A Christmas Tree Chris Bleicher Presents Her South Seas Ice Block

Dec.   MS Solution Forum - Frontpage with photo of "Colossus in Motion"
2000/2001   Pedigree Cat Yearbook - about Urn Art