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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Jan. 5
tz - "Art Online"
 Febr. 8   Schwabinger Seiten - Frontpage
 Febr. 8   Münchner Zentrum - Frontpage
 Febr. 19   AZ - "Green Face On The Neck Of A Giraffe"
 Febr. 20   AZ - "Bog Brother For The Art"
 March 3   Samstagsblatt - Frontpage "Performance Artist Chris Bleicher Live"
 March 28   Starnberger Anzeiger - "Culture On The Internet"
 March   com!online: 1st list of contents with photo of "Butterfly Table", "Brushpaints digital" and "Creative Bytes"
 April   Ein Herz fuer Tiere - "Cuddle Muse On The Internet"
 April 6 - April 12   tz publishing house issue 7 days
 April 6 - April 12   Münchner Merkur - publishing house issue
 April   Wohn!Design - about Urn Art
 April   Gelbes München Programm
 May   Gelbes München Programm
 May 10   Münchner Zentrum - "On The Internet - Action Artist In Blue"
 May 10   tz - "Jazz And Art On The Internet"
 May 12/13   SZ - "Oh, You Fat Jaguar!"
 May 16   AZ - "Chris Bleicher's Neon Art Now Goes Online"
 June   Venus - editorial and 4 pages: portrait of Chris Bleicher

Gelbes München Program