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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Febr. 26        2009  La Repubblica  "NEON Chris Bleichter at the Art Fair"   
April 21 2010  tz - Chris Bleicher - "With Neon Positive Working"
April 23    AZ - "When the Heart Starts Lightening"
 Oct.    basera - "Open your heart for LOVE - or better "Sex in the City?"
 Oct. - Dec.    inform -- "Chris Bleicher: Mission Instead of Profession"
 May  2011  LIGHT - "Lemon Bike"
     Who is Who in Germany - "Biography"
 August 3    Harlachinger Rundschau - "Art made from Isar-Trash"
 August 3    Sendlinger Anzeiger - "Bizarre Objects Found in Nature"
 August 6/7    AZ - "Announcement of Art Project: Bizarre Objects Found in Nature"
 August 8    AZ - "Art made from Trash: "Chris Bleicher collects found objects"
 August 10    HALLO Muenchen - "Rich Effect at the Isar Party"
 August 17  

 Sendlinger Anzeiger - "Electric Iron in the Grass; Art Project Shall Enhance
 Ecological Awareness"

 August 17    Harlachinger Rundschau - "Lot's of Beautiful Isar Trash Found"
 August 17   Successful Start of New Art Project Celebrated
 Dec. 5    055news.it - "Chris Bleicher and her neon & performance at the Biennale International of Contemporean Art"
 December    Firenze Spettacolo - "Chris Bleicher Energy - Art for Future"
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