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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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March 14
Muenchner Merkur - "Dreaming From Heaven on Earth"  
March 20   SZ - Good Activity: "Action in Four of the Foundation KinderHerz"
August 21 and
  Sendlinger Anzeiger - "Children Painting with Germany's First Honeybee Coffin
Royal Monaco Magazine online - "Neon Art Special Project With 'Blue Lady' "
March   Artforbes Chronic online - "Neon Art Special Project With Photos"
March   Connection - Picture Gallery online
April 2   La Repubblica Genova - "Monaco si tinge die colore Arte al Grimaldi Forum"
April   Art Times Journal Chronik online - "Neon Art Special Project With 'Blue Lady' "
April   FUL FIrenze Urban Lifestyle - online
April   Arte Monaco online + print
April   Exhibition catalogue ART MONACO '13
April   Gallery catalogue to the exhibition ART MONACO '13
April   USA DELUXE Guía de lujo mundial
July 15   SZ - "With Tractors to the state chancellery - Beautiful Woman and Big Cars: So the message catches on"
July   Event calendar of the City Bonn
July   studio 96 berlin - "Bridge into Light"
August   ETERNITY - Preface: "Exhibition of my Neon Art Coffin Installation in Frauenmuseum Bonn (= museum for female artists)
IV   Medizin + Kunst (= Medicine + Art) - "Chris Bleicher - Liberated Goddesses - Germany's 1st Bondage-Woman Coffin with Neon Art in the Frauenmuseum, Bonn"
Nov.   Catalogue Frauenmuseum Bonn - "Women in the World Religions"
Dec.   City Guide for Dogs Fred and Otto - Mourning must not be black: Pet urns and coffins made from artists hands
Royal Monaco Magazine - "L'Artiste Chris Bleicher A'ART MONACO'14"
April/May   Royal Monaco Magazine - "Review ART MONACO'14"
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