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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Chris Bleicher's Neon Art

Since more than 18 years I'm working as neon- and performance artist.
My neon artwork includes {ln:neon-picture-objects 'NEON PICTURE OBJECTS} (pictures which combine painting, collages, three-dimensional elements and neon light), {ln:neon-sculptures 'neon sculptures} and {ln:neon-objects-neon-room-a-wall-installations 'neon objects / wall- and room installations.} Please note that the effect of the neonlight on images is mostly lost. Many of three-dimensional elements  I collected during my travels, mainly to tropical countries. I have always been faszinated by the exotic nature of the tropics and by foreign cultures, and through my works of art I arouse dreams and yearnings, using motifs from many continents.

On these travels I went by car, boat, bus, ship, train, mule, horse and, of course, airplane. Aerodynamics has always had a special fascination for me, ever since the age of 15, when my father took me to lectures about aerodynamics. Until today my preferred seat on an airplane is one with a view to the wings, because I am intrigued by the combination of the "cool" metal of the wings between beautiful cloud formations - hence my constant interest in the combination of nature and technology. Therefore my {ln:series-sky-clouds-a-metallic-bodies 'series "Sky, Clouds & Metallic Bodies"} where I am using original airplane parts.

In all this years the neonlight became my trademark. I see it as a mission and it should not be pigeon-holed. Therefore I created on request artwork which is suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, sauna and open air with the {ln:series-waterproof-sunshine 'Series "Waterproof Sunshine".} After that I started with {ln:fine-art-print 'Fine Art Print} for office and wall decor and {ln:artwork-leasing 'artwork leasing.}

Chris Bleicher