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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Art Organization Membership

President of Shop Art e.V. - Association of artists

Art Related Experience

Travel to China - Study of the traditional chinese painting at the Chinese Study Program Center in Hangzhou, China


Member of the jury for the international childrens and youth painting competition of the Federation Aeronautique International


Member of the jury of ADAC childrens and youth painiting competition

1997 + 1998

Member of the jury of www.isarbote.de (= online magazine): event with competition of Isar Mermaid


Paintings and sculptures are in the possess by private collectors, international industrial companies (for example BMW), businessmen and in the "Museo Caproni" (= museum for airplanes) in Trento, Italy

Work resulting from order

Happenings & Performances

Design for silver jewelry

Solo Shows - Selection

Group Shows