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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Chris BleicherHi and hello,

My name isChris Bleicher. Welcome to my virtual art gallery on www.bleicherart.com.

My web site is multifaceted like my own life.

About me in brief:
Born and raised in Munich, Germany. My father painted and had a technical profession. My mother wrote poems. I was encouraged and supported in art efforts by both my mother and father. After attending a convent school I successfully completed a bank training. Than I spent some years as a free lance worker while being active at the same time as an artist to the arts.

My art is my passion and is inspired by my many exotic travels. Through my artwork I want to express "joy of living", stimulate the fantasy and promote a positive attitude with colors and shapes. I believe in experiamentalism, exposing in my art the exotic, ecological and humorous.

I don't have a leisure time in the conventional sense, as my profession is my free time. I find time to keep my body fit, because an esthetic body has a special fascination for me as an artist. I like to visit ballet performances to study the beautifully shaped and defined bodies in motion. Of particular interest are fringe groups. Any incident inspires my art. Since more than 18 years I have shown commitment for preserving nature in combination with technology. I love people and animals. Today an intact nature is more important than ever before for the next generations.

Only when I feel good can I be creative. I give all of my energy to my art and I get the reward through the pleasure people derive from it.

Please visit as well my other websites:
www.peepart.com (Since 1996)
www.bleicher.com (Urn Art)

Chris Bleicher